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As you may know, /r/mma is trying to raise funds to help Gabriel Santistevan, a 9 year old kid suffering from cancer. So far, they've managed to raise $8900 out of $20000, and I think dogecoin can very well raise the rest and help them.

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Gabe is 9yrs old and just began 4th grade. He is a happy boy, and very smart for his age. He has the cutest very infectious laugh. He loves cars, he can tell you the make and model of any car he see's on the road. He loves legos, and once he starts building a set he will not stop until it is done no matter how many pieces are in the set!! :-) He loves video games, swimming and playing outside.

Gabe had been complaining about headaches for a while. The headaches got worse and now included dizziness and nausea so my dad took him to the ER. On Friday, August 16th, Gabe was admitted into the hospital. A CT scan showed a mass in his brain and excess spinal fluid. Saturday had an MRI. That Sunday, I was given the worst possible news a mother can hear. Your child has brain and spine cancer. Monday 8/19 he went through a major brain surgery to remove most of the tumor located at the base of his brain. On 8/20 we were told the type of brain cancer he has is Medulloblastoma. Just when he was beginning to recover, he had another major surgery to put in a chemo port and a shunt in his brain to redistribute his excess spinal fluid into his abdomen. He starts Chemotherapy and Radiation Monday 9/16. We appreciate the support that everyone has given us and we appreciate all support that we continue to get in the future. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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