Such Kids Many Smiles

Campaign Completed!
Thanks for helping us raise Ð!

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Joel David Moore - collecting donations for Operation Smile via reddit and twitter

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UPDATE: The Joel David Moore AMA campaign has raised just under 1.9M dogecoins for Operation Smile!

Prizes won for questions in the AMA and top donations have been sent to places as far afield as India, Denmark and Belgium. We would like to thank every single person who donated via reddit and Twitter.

We would also like to thank all the people behind the scenes that worked hard to make this come together.

We will be announcing full final details of the campaign on shortly.

Joel David Moore is an American actor known best for his performances in Avatar, Grandma's Boy, Bones and Dodgeball.

He is a huge supporter of Operation Smile ( which is a global charity providing free operations for children with cleft lips or palates. For just $250 a child's life can be changed forever. Joel is doing an AMA (ask me anything) session on reddit in support of the charity because he is also a great admirer of the dogecoin community, and understands the enormous potential of dogecoin to do good and change lives. Such kids, many smiles. The reddit AMA is between 12pm and 1pm PST on Wednesday 16th April via Please visit the AMA to read Joel's answers to questions from the community about his life and work, as well as about the activities of Operation Smile and why he supports it.

Our goal with the AMA is to raise as much as we can to provide operations for children around the world through Operation Smile's programs.

This page shows the receipts from the twitter dogecoin tip bot - @tipdoge. In due course it will also update with tips received via the reddit tip bot /u/dogetipbot.

An announcement of the total sum raised will be made on when the campaign ends (Fri 18th April at 0000 GMT)