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Mission Bit is a non-profit that offers free programming classes taught by experienced engineers and entrepreneurs to San Francisco public school students.

This is an official tracker page for @missionbit created to raise awareness in the dogecoin community. All donations go to @missionbit.

We provide everything the students need, they just need to show up and be eager to learn. No prior experience required.

We give students the opportunity to learn directly from successful engineers and entrepreneurs who enjoy sharing knowledge and want to give back to the community. We're focused on project based learning and aim to teach both core computer science concepts as well as the practical skills and technologies that are required to build web sites and applications today. We partner with the public school system, Out of Site, and Jamestown Community Center to provide elective credit to students that counts towards their graduation.

Why It Matters

  • 70% of San Francisco's public high schools do not offer any kind of computer science class.
  • Local businesses scour the globe for top talent, we want to provide more opportunities to our community.
  • Many skilled programmers would love to teach, but need an organization like Mission Bit to make it feasible.

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