Doge4Housing: Help families with critically injured or terminally ill children "Bounce but not Break"

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Doge4Housing is a campaign to raise 10 million Dogecoin to make housing payments for 5 families in Minnesota.

Note: this is an unofficial tracker page to help promote this campaign and charity. All donations go the dogecoin address listed on the official page:

Spare Key is all about helping families with critically ill or seriously injured children in the hospital with a rental or mortgage grant. Since 1997 we have served nearly 2,200 families with housing grants totaling almost $2.2 million We've been amazed by the Dogecoin community's response to our efforts, and we want to help build the infrastructure for Dogecoin to continue helping people.

We've been working hard to bring positive press to Dogecoin and cryptocurrency.

We've been featured for our efforts to promote the use of crypto currency for good. Check out some of our work:

We got Dogecoin on the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Spare Key Leading on Crypto Currency

Executive Director Erich Mische in a Star Tribune Op-Ed

We're the first non profit to hire a Director of Cryptocurrency Development, Roerick Sweeney

Doge4Housing is about helping families keep their homes or stay in their apartments.

...and focus on their child's care and recovery. It's about giving families peace of mind from their bills.

For some families it allows them to worry only about getting their child healthy and out of the hospital.

For others it's about giving them the precious time they need to say goodbye to a child suffering from a life-ending illness or injury.

No matter what, it's about Shibes making an impact and helping families "Bounce and not Break".

Thinking Locally, Building Regionally

The Shibe spirit connects the whole world, but some problems can best be changed at the local level. Here's how we propose to use Doge4Housing:

We will use our resources to find 5 Minnesota families who require help with their housing payments, allowing dogecoin to make an immediate impact.

Spare Key is also currently operating in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. We want to build the infrastructure that the cryptocurrency community can use to do immediate good to families who are most in need of it.

Spare Key is also expanding its operations into Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Oaklahoma within the next 12 months. If Shibes can help us to provide rent aid through Doge4Housing, we will be much closer to our goal of helping Midwest families "Bounce but not Break."

Building the Shibeconomy

Spare Key believes in the crypto currency economy. That's why we're willing to commit 50% of every dollar value of Dogecoin (or any form of crypto currency) we receive will be slotted to be paid to vendors that we do business with, including those who we pay rent and mortgage payments to, in the form of cryptocurrency.

We will keep this commitment for a minimum of 12 months upon receipt of currency. If at the end of that 12 months we cannot find vendors willing to accept the currency we would have the option to convert it into fiat US Dollars.

And now a quote from Jackson Palmer

"It's always sad to see families displaced from their homes due to hefty medical bills, and Doge4Housing is a great campaign aimed to help those families out there currently struggling to focus on the most important thing -- their child's health -- while keeping a roof over their heads. Spare Key is a great cause, and I'm glad that the Dogecoin community can help rally behind it."

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Doing Our Part

Spare Key will engage with any company that is involved in cryptocurrency to put their logos on our website, social media, etc, as a way to help drive traffic from others, including our followers, supporters, etc.

Spare Key is looking to be an early adopter of the brave new crypto economy world.

Learn more about Spare Key, and help us help others:

Check out our website

Be a part of our Facebook Community

Engage with us at twitter: @sparekeymn

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