Save Net Neutrality: Billboard in FCC's Backyard

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The Internet as we know it is under attack, though most of us don’t know it.

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On May 15, the FCC plans to kill the idea of net neutrality and replace it with a 'cable-ized' version that costs more for consumers, enables discrimination across services that make use of the net, and makes it harder to access the stuff that we access each day today (from video streaming to file saving and sharing). On top of all that, it'd have a chilling effect on entrepreneurship -- all for the benefit of a few cable companies.

Let's defend the rights of the open internet and tell the FCC that it's not okay for them to side with an oligopoly of internet providers instead of the American people. I'm joined by, reddit, Sam Altman, Fight for the Future, and others to place a billboard right in Washington D.C. that proclaims "Keep the internet free & open for all!" (or some better copy one of you comes up with - tweet me suggestions @AlexisOhanian).

Even if you can't fund this crowdtilt, (spread the word and call your representatives and the FCC)[].

It's already starting, but I want to take this message from the American people right in the FCC's backyard. After the billboard is paid for, any additional funds will also be used for ads in NYTimes and Washington Post. (I've done this once before after we defeated SOPA & PIPA)[], but we the people need to rally to save the internet one more time.

The sooner we can fundraise this billboard, the better, because the FCC will propose its new set of rules on May 15th.

The open internet is a fundamental utility to our nation's economy and society -- let's keep it that way. Thank you.

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