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Please pray and donate whatever funds you can to help Amy Whittemore and her family. Their 15 year old daughter, Peyton, had to have unexpected brain surgery because of an aneurism. Please show your support and give to help this family through this tough time. Thank you so much!

I understand that a lot of you may not know us and you never yet gotten to meet the beautiful girl that we all love so dearly, but if you could find it in your heart to help our family. Prayers and donations appreciated more than you know. Our goal is to raise as much funds as humanly possible to alleviate any stress our mother and father are going through and will have to go through. Our family would like to be able to be near my sister, living in a different city and placing our jobs on hold, this will become more difficult by the day. Whatever you feel appropriate in doing for our family, your love and support would mean the world to all of us, especially Peyton.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has already reached out to us. So far the amount of prayers, love, support financially and mentally is absolutely incredible. I want to make a special thanks to redmoon, silentshibe, bitcoingirl, dogepromotions from twitter, the YMCA in Ocala, the Ronald McDonald foundation, DogeCoin,FlutterCoin, Bitcoin, Forest High School, the booster foundation, Legendz cheerleading, The employees and radiologists at Ocala Region Medical Center, ALL the families that have reached out, Peyton's friends and the Pennies for Peyton fundraiser and the unfathomable amount of love and support we have received from our own family.

I know that Peyton would really appreciate all that you guys are doing for her. i know that everyone here greatly appreciates all the prayers and love for Peyton. The Peyton i know has a beautiful soul, and the brightest smile that anyone has ever seen. she is a ray of sunshine and means so much to everyone who knows her. we all miss our Pey and cant wait to see those bright green eyes and big smile once again. We're doing this all for Peyton because we all know our fighter will make it through this epic journey life has placed before her.

thank you all once again for giving us such a huge support system and taking the time out of your day to pray for us. If anyone can pull through this it's Peyton, lets all stay strong for her. For more information on how to help, Mhkaz will be handling the majority of the charities you can find the links below

Update 5/16/14 It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Peyton Evans has passed away. She will be bringing the same joy, hope, and happiness she already had to 7 new families awaiting organ donation.

Update 5/19/14 "After Peyton Evans' death Friday, her organs help three others" http://www.ocala.com/article/20140519/ARTICLES/140519659/0/search?p=all&tc=pgall

Update 5/26/2014 We are still raising funds to help with the funeral which will be held on Saturday 5/31st in Ocala,FL and for her IMMEDIATE Family.

Update 5/30/2014 Peyton Evans service will be Sat May 31 at 11:00am at First Baptist Church of Ocala on SE Maricamp. Please call Bo-Kay florist 351-3331 to donate towards the flower arrangements, I have set up an account there(account#9604) and they will be accepting all the donation and adding them towards the flowers arrangements for Peytons Funeral. This will help to make Beautiful Peytons funeral as beautiful as she was. Everyone who donates will be mentioned for your contribution and it will be extremely appreciated! Please give whatever you can, it will be very helpful, thank you all so much!!!

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