Doge4America : Be a part of the change!

Ð Raised!


What if with just ONE donation you could support both a local charity and higher education?! That's why Partners For America is here.

Help us spread the word and create a movement towards change!

We convert volunteer work that helps real people pay off some very real educational debt!

Educational debt in the US has surpassed 1 Trillion dollars, and with an underemployment rate of over 30% change is certainly on the horizon.

Help spread the word and become a part of Partners For America!

The process is simple: Anyone can sign up, choose a charitable location to volunteer, put in the hours, and get paid a volunteer coin for each hour of service! Volunteer coins are worth $10 and can be cashed out towards education payments or transferred to any peer on the PFA network. Charitable organizations get extra help to accomplish their goals, in turn improving our communities and society, and the scholars of America get out from under ever-growing cloud of debt the education system has brought over them.


WARNING: Anyone can create a campaign and start asking for dogecoin. Before you part with your dogecoin, go check out the contributor on social media and make sure they're real. Look for a link back to this campaign to make sure they're really who they say they are.

If you think it's a scam, mention @dogeraiser on twitter and include a link to the offending campaign. We're adding user flagging soon.