Final Tip for Peyton Evans - Crowdfunding a physical Dogecoin for her burial

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Let's give Peyton Evans a final Dogecoin tip, for all the awesome things she has done in her life!

This fundraiser has been approved by 'The Kaz' (@MhkazOffical,/u/mkhaz)

Peytan Evans, was hospitalized for a brain aneurysm. Despite her fierce struggle, she died a few days later at the age of 15.

More info can be accumulated at the following links:

This is a follow up on the Dogeraiser found here:( I want to give a physical tip to her. As a symbol from the Dogecoin community to thank her for all the awesome things she has done, and the love she gave to the people around her.

If the goal is reached, I will buy the coin and send it to the following address:


Any left over donations will be send to 'The Kaz'.

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