Super Doge V8

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The #SuperDogeV8 campaign is raising funds to sponsor a V8 Supercar entry in the Townsville 500 event on 4-6 July.

The car is an AMG Mercedes E63 driven by Lee Holdsworth racing for the Erebus Team. The sponsorship covers Dogecoin artwork on the car, clothing items and pit wall, with an associated media campaign, at a total cost of US$50,000

Media coverage before, during and after the event will be similar to that experienced with the Josh Wise #98 NASCAR entry. Supercar races have more TV exposure, with televised practice, qualifying and three races over the weekend, comprising the 500km total distance. There is a smaller field and the style of racing guarantees much more airtime. Erebus is a competitive team with an excellent chance of a podium finish.

The live national TV audience in Australia is around one million, with an additional audience on cable, and a potential reach internationally of 500 million, plus internet live feeds. There are also edited highlights shows.

The national television network coverage extends to other Channel 7 programming, with news, current affairs, morning shows and print media tie-ins as likely possibilities. The SuperDogeV8 campaign crew will maximise media exposure of the Dogecoin sponsorship.

There will be merchandising and additional fundraising opportunities resulting from a successful sponsorship.

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