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Ð Raised!


Being an independent journalist isn't easy.. or cheap. So we need your help!

After some recent computer problems, >> it's clear we need to upgrade our computers to continue on. So we're calling all Dogecoin Shibes to help us out!

First, take a look at our sites:

Main Site - Don't Tread On Us Blog >>

Dogecoin Project Site - 'The Dogesonian' >>

So, on to the plan: What we need - $2500

What for?

$1300-1500 - Computer purchased from Xidax PC's << Why Xidax PC's? Because they accept Dogecoin as payment!!

$500-700 - HD camcorder + accessories -- Currently looking at Canon Vixia HF r52

$200-300 - HD webcam + quality microphone For these items, we would most likely use eGifter to turn Dogecoin into Amazon gift cards

Any remaining funds would be used for any possible new software we might need, as well as doing some giveaways on Twitter!

So, want to help us continue to expand our sites? Create podcasts and videos? Cover even MORE Dogecoin related news?! Well then PLEASE donate!!

WARNING: Anyone can create a campaign and start asking for dogecoin. Before you part with your dogecoin, go check out the contributor on social media and make sure they're real. Look for a link back to this campaign to make sure they're really who they say they are.

If you think it's a scam, mention @dogeraiser on twitter and include a link to the offending campaign. We're adding user flagging soon.