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Help start up a site that will have charity auctions with dogecoin signed swag, apparel, and much more!


Tuesday, May 27th: Hello all, today I have been trying to find a site to get a domain off of. We are going to try to set up the site and auction some stuff to raise doge to fully launch the site! Keep on donating we will be taking some doge out soon to purchase the domain. Don't worry we will take that amount away from the goal too because the domain portion will be completed!

Wednesday, May 28th: WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!! I'm so proud of all the shibes that contributed. will so be up and running!!

The Idea

The idea for this site came to me one night when I received some cool signed swag from Josh Wise. I saw that a Dogecoin charity was falling through the cracks and only had 1 week left until the campaign closed! I wanted to help but what could I do? I looked at my signed picture of josh and had an idea, what if i auctioned this off for doge and donated it?! I know there are site you can do this but It was hard because I didn't want to look like i was selling something. So it hit me, what if I create a simple site to auction off donated items and give ALL the doge to them! No middle man taking a cut, or not having enough publicity to get a good amount of doge!

How It Works

Right now we are still working on the logistics but in theory here is how it is going to work!

Picking the Charities: -We will have a vote every week and the top 7 will get one item auctioned and all the doge donated to them!

Getting the items: -We will ask for donations of items and also provide some ourselves, It will also be up to the donator to pick the charity that the item is auctioned for. -We are trying to work on partnerships with other companies to get there name out there and also get awesome items to auction! If you know any companies that would be interested contact me on twitter @YouTubeNoah

Auctioning The Items: -One item will be put up every 24 hours once that 24 hours has past the item will be done and the highest bidder wins. We also need your help if you are able to help us build a simple bidding plugin PLEASE contact me on twitter @YouTubeNoah I'm not very good at coding so I will need the communities help!

Getting the Money to the Charities: -Once the auction has completed we will collect all the doge and send it to the charities address.


Tweet me your questions @YouTubeNoah

WARNING: Anyone can create a campaign and start asking for dogecoin. Before you part with your dogecoin, go check out the contributor on social media and make sure they're real. Look for a link back to this campaign to make sure they're really who they say they are.

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