DogeBoat - 2.5L Hydroplane SEASON sponsorship !

Main doge boat

I want my 2.5L hydroplane to be THE DogeBoat for a season complete with full wrap & professional crew shirts. The boat logs 15,000 miles of driving on the road every summer and competes all across Canada & the USA.

I saw what you and the Doge Coin community did for Josh Wise and his Nascar. I am a big supporter of the Doge Coin movement and crypto currency.

I own a 2.5 liter hydroplane race team that was the 2010 and 2012 US National Champion. I'm looking for sponsor support for the 2014 season starting in the next month. Im not looking for near the funding of what you guys got for Josh Wise. I would like to do a full wrap of my boat branding it in Dogecoin. Or even actual air brushed paint scheme (I have a great painter who has appeared on MTV) and also a very talented graphic artist.

I have a sponsorship package that I've created and it can be seen on my photo bucket link at the bottom (it is in PDF form but uploaded as JPEG to photo bucket)

Promotional video for one of the races to get an idea what the racing is like:

The biggest event of the season has 100,000-150,000 live spectators and receives extensive media coverage. There are other races with upwards of 20,000 attendees.

I am looking to raise $10,000 for full season sponsorship. This would cover travel to all the races (15,000 miles) as well as boat maintenance, promotional materials (posters & boat cards to give away), crew shirts & team shirts. I am also looking for sponsorship of the graphics wrap which would be less than $2000 for the year. i would also have doge coin graphics on my white Ford F-250 that happens to have the beige/champion secondary colour like doge coin already.

here is a GREAT video on the Valleyfield Quebec hydroplane races that have 100,000+ spectators. Its july 11-13. would love to have the Dogecoin funding by then so we can have the full graphics on it!

ANY HELP is much appreciated. I would love to learn more about Dogecoin community and how this all works sincerely, Tyler Kaddatz Driver & New Shibe S-519 Ahh$um $ecret Racing

donate to this address: DDShFqGfP2bcCBMm525ngVEn9kwcXDzuXR

***** the progress thing is broken, it shows how much Dogecoin has been raised, the goal is listed as $10,000 USD. currently waiting for this to be corrected by dogeraiser*******

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