Reading RainDoge: Bringing LeVar Burton to host an assembly for one of our lowest-income schools


Mohland wants to bring LeVar Burton to one of Humboldt County's lowest-income Elementary Schools to host a Reading Rainbow assembly

Hey Shibes,

Mohland here.

A few weeks ago I posted in /r/dogecoin about attempting to raise $10,000 in Dogecoins to bring LeVar Burton to one of our lowest income schools here in Humboldt County to do an assembly for the kids. Well, we're not giving on this. Alice Birney Elementary is the school my girlfriend and myself have chosen. It's both one of the lowest-income schools and one of the schools with a LOT of non-native english speakers, so reading is a huge challenge for a lot of those students.

With just 2 weeks left to raise the remaining funds, I stand by my pledge. I'm not rich though -- $10k is a lot, but this will go a long way. I don't know what other schools LeVar will be visiting at this pledge level, but at each, he'll be doing a meet and greet with the parents, teachers, and backers after the assembly. I want to tell him "The Dogecoin Community brought you here. Let me tell you a bit about us... :)"

If for some absurd reason we don't raise the full $10k I'll happily round up the funds to the nearest $2500 or $5000 pledge and make up the difference. I grew up with Reading Rainbow and Star Trek -- I want the kids growing up now to experience the same joy. With the number of subscriptions to the app we'll get, my girlfriend and I can definitely put those into the right hands of teachers who will put them to the best use. :D

You folks continually amaze me. :) If you have any questions/comments/etc -- feel free to hit me up on twitter/reddit/email.

Reading RainDoge: Make it so!


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