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A man was forced to choose between the well being of his wife and a large amount of debt. He took care of his wife, let's take care of his debt.

Tim, a man from Oregon, married his wife 8 years ago expecting a wonderful, normal, life together. It didn't turn out as normal as they had hoped though. Shortly after their marriage his wife began suffering anxiety attacks, mood swings, and emotional instability. As time progressed, so did her symptoms and she was taken to the hospital to find professional help. The hospital visit yielded nothing and so they went to several doctors, none of which could find the cause of emotional instability and soon her condition worsened to paranoia. Tim was forced to stop working and move to online classes for college so he could be with his wife full time to take care of her. Despite the ridicule from his friends and family, Tim stuck with his wife through everything. Because of his support, Tim's wife has been diagnosed and is receiving counseling with very noticeable improvement.

You can read the story from Tim (/u/magicdealer) himself here.

There were ups and downs, but no matter what he put his wife's well being first. Because of this, though, he now has student loan debts that he cannot pay since he has to stay with his wife and take care of her. That is where we can help. This fundraiser is to help Tim pay off his student loan debt so that he can focus more on his wife and her medical bills. Tim has about $100,000 in student loan debt that he is unable to pay because he has minimal income. Anything we can do to chip away at this debt would be a huge help. Let's show /u/magicdealer what real magic looks like. Let's give him and his wife a future to look forward to.

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