Help me get a service dog and get some of my life back!!


Help me get a psychiatric service dog and get some of my life back!!

Hi all , I am starting this Dogecoin fundraiser to help defer the cost of getting a service dog . I was injured by a chemical exposure back in 2009 . The exposure left me with severe nerve damage to my face and voice .

We have try ed different hospitals and clinics To try to repair the damage but it is to severe . Places like the Cleveland clinic , John Hopkins , all the local hospitals around Pittsburgh .

We will be getting this dog from perfect fit canines out of Pittsburgh , They have agreed to work with me and train the dog for the things I need , PTSD, Depression , Anxiety . It will also be trained to take me to a "safe place" when it detects the chemicals that hurt me and let others know when I have a attack.

The money raised will go directly to perfect fit canines for the training , vet bills , food , etc. for the dog .

We have been on disability since 2011 so, this is a large cost for us but we feel ( family , Doctors ,etc) this could help me get out more !

Thanks and any help would be appreciated !!

Info on Perfect fit canines

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