Raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Research: 2015 London Marathon Charity Entry for PMH Foundation

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The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation of Perth, Australia is sponsoring my charity entry into the 2015 London Marathon. Funds raised go towards research into cystic fibrosis.

If you would like additional information, or would like to pay directly to the charity via debit, credit, paypal, bpay (or cash if Australian) please visit http://t.co/uxeZ6xHI1W. For further information on the PMH Foundation, please visit http://www.pmhfoundation.com/.

Having spent time at Princess Margaret Hospital as a young child, I have always wanted to repay the wonderful care I had there. When I saw that PMH was looking for runners for the London Marathon next April to raise funds for research into cystic fibrosis, I thought this was a great opportunity to give back and set another running goal.

Having completed many smaller runs in the past, including 8 half marathons, I ran my first marathon in Melbourne in 2012. Since then I've been inspired by the sense of purpose and community running provides, not to mention the possibility for adventure. The chance to combine what I love doing with raising awareness for an excellent cause in one of my favourite cities seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

The funds raised from this adventure will go towards a new research project aimed at improving quality of life for young Australians living with cystic fibrosis (CF), a chronic, life threatening disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system. Children with CF often require ongoing treatment including regular hospital visits, daily physiotherapy sessions and large doses of medication to keep them healthy. 100% of net funds raised for the PMH Foundation will go directly to support this vital research which could lead to a reduced number of hospital admissions and long term improvements for children with CF, making a huge difference to their quality of life and life expectancy.

We are aiming to raise $10 000+ (AUD). We have a set goal to reach of $2000 by 25 July 2014, and a further $4000 by 25 November 2014. The final $4000 is due March 2015. Please give whatever you can, as every bit helps. Please also forward this page to your friends, family and contacts list. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thankyou!

Please visit the verification link to view funds raised so far. Funds are kept in a secure paper wallet until the end of the fundraising period, upon which they will be swept to a Coinspot wallet and exchanged for fiat. This process will be documented for clarification, and final totals raised can be viewed at http://t.co/uxeZ6xHI1W. The amount raised in AUD will be current value at time of conversion.

Please note, by donating to this cause you are giving consent that in the event the marathon challenge is not completed for any reason (illness, injury etc) that the PMH Foundation is to receive the funds. A tax deductable receipt will not be issued unless donation is made directly in fiat currency to http://t.co/uxeZ6xHI1W. This fundraiser is not being run by an agent or employee of the PMH Foundation, and is solely in coordination with the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon charity entry event.

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