Run4Doge: Raising Funds for Internet Access in African Schools Through Endurance Sport

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Here at Run4Doge, we believe that technology has the power to improve the world only as much as it brings us together. Currently, 61% of the world’s population lives without internet access. Through our members’ perspiration we hope to raise funds and awareness to combat this challenge. Step by step, mile after mile, we are running towards a brighter future.

Run4Doge is a non-profit organization that sponsors runners who compete in long distance running events. We pledge to donate 1000 Dogecoin in a runner’s name to our foundation, Run4Doge, for every mile that they complete in an event, in order to simultaneously promote healthy physical activity and create the concept that running can benefit not only yourself, but others as well if you sign up with our organization.

Once we have raised enough funds, we will then use these donations to transfer Dogecoin to “BRCK”, a non-profit tech company based in Kenya that has developed a product which enables secure and reliable WiFi access in remote parts of the world, so that we may aid in the placement of a "BRCK" device in a community that would otherwise be without secure and reliable internet connection. The "BRCK" device has the potential to drastically alter day-to-day life in a community that would otherwise remain in isolation and further, provide safeguards for reliable communication through unfortunate events such as natural disasters and all too common power failures throughout Africa.

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WARNING: Anyone can create a campaign and start asking for dogecoin. Before you part with your dogecoin, go check out the contributor on social media and make sure they're real. Look for a link back to this campaign to make sure they're really who they say they are.

If you think it's a scam, mention @dogeraiser on twitter and include a link to the offending campaign. We're adding user flagging soon.