New Uniforms for CESHEO - Cambodia English School of Higher Education

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A fundraiser to get uniforms for over 500 students at CESHEO, a free school in Cambodia

UPDATE 27/11/2014

We have lift off, the order was placed today - more info here:

UPDATE 26/11/2014

Thanks to all those who donated, we have reached our 1M doge goal and we will go down to the printers tomorrow morning 10AM Siem Reap time to get things started.

We won't have enough shirts for all the students by a long shot. But we hope that pictures from this first round might inspire a second round of donations.

I will take photos of the whole process for both transparency and publicity. Any donations before 10AM tomorrow will be included in the total number of shirts we can buy. Right now its looking like around $270 worth of shirts which will be between 50-60 shirts total.

I will take photos of handing them all out to the kids and upload them when I can.

If anyone knows anyone with a blog, like tech crunch, gizmodo or has any ties to any kind of news website or news company please let me know so I can send them a copy of the photos and the background info.


Cambodia English School of Higher Education Organisation is a free school in Cambodia that provides an education to over 750 students. The students are from poor, rural families and many of them would not receive an education at all if not for the free school.

Click here to see a mockup image of the uniform

Old video here


Uniforms are important for any school for a number of reasons. For many Cambodian students, CESHEO is the only formal schooling they receive as they can't afford to go to government schools. Some of the benefits of uniforms are:

  • Promotes school pride
  • Give kids a sense of belonging
  • Improves attitudes + morale
  • Creates awareness for the school (and dogecoin)
  • Gives the student a formal shirt

Many students in Cambodia wear their uniforms to formal events (even if its not a school day). This is because often a uniform is the best attire they have, especially if they are from particularly poor families.

Most charities use uniforms, this research paper]([ states that students in Kenya with a uniform were absent 44% less.

Many of the children only have 1 t-shirt and they wear it until it falls apart. Having a new t-shirt literally doubles the number of shirts they have, and it means they wear their other shirt less.


The Dogecoin Logo will be printed on all the uniforms, this will get the word out there, not only in Cambodia but to every volunteer from every nationality that comes to teach at CESHEO and is curious about the Dogecoin logo.

I will take lots of photos and send them to as many media agencies as possible. A crypto currency on a school uniform in Cambodia is definitely newsworthy and I am sure many high-traffic blogs and news sites will be willing to write a piece about dogecoin.

Dogecoin can benefit poorer countries as well and the uniforms will help spread dogecoin awareness in Cambodia. This project will also be a good segue into a translation project for Cambodia.


Dogecoin has helped CESHEO out before by raising close to $500USD in dogecoin to help build a toilet facility. To create awareness I took some pictures of the kids with a dogecoin poster.


The average cost of a shirt is about $4 USD, we are aiming at printing 500 shirts which means all of the kids will get uniforms. Any spare money or uniforms will go to volunteers. I may also setup a store for people to buy the shirts from anywhere in the world. Wouldn't it be cool to have people of all countries wearing the dogecoin cesheo shirt.


We have a fundraiser with FIAT currency and with some of the funds we were able to get a few uniforms, but only a small number of students at a smaller school were able to get uniforms. We hope that this fundraiser will help kit out the entire school with new dogecoin sponsored uniforms.

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